CENTs – Burnie

centsIn Burnie we have thousands of people with skills to offer the community, yet they sit unemployed or under-employed, mostly because the people who would hire them (businesses & people like you and me) don’t have enough traditional dollars to do so! Those same people with skills to offer also need services and goods, but they too don’t have enough traditional money to purchase the services and goods they need. The key ingredient missing from the equation is money.

CENTs (Community Exchange Network Tasmania) is a Statewide alternative currency that allows members (or traders) to exchange goods and services with each other without the need for traditional money.

Traders can offer Goods and Services such as Home grown produce, Preserves, Clothing, Mechanical services, Plumbing, Electrical, Home maintenance and any other skill or service that you can offer or may require.

To become a member of CENTs [which is of course free] simply visit the following link for more information and registration.

Click Here for More Information and Registration Details

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