Simple Prosperity

Simple ProsperityAre you ready to passionately declare yourself “green” but secretly hide a carbon footprint the size of Texas? Do you speed by your local farmers market in a desperate rush to go buy the latest gadgetry? Are you constantly overwhelmed by how much stuff you seem to have but how little time you have to enjoy it?

Careful, you may suffer from Affluenza. But fear not, David Wann knows exactly how to help.

In his best seller Affluenza, David Wann and his Co-authors diagnosed the debilitating disease of over consumption. Now, in Simple Prosperity, he shows us how we can overcome it to recapture a more abundant and sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing everything we love…

If you are unable to source one locally and as a last resort [support local first] then try here: Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle

Alternatively copies available for loan through CENTs.

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