Workshop Presenters

Wenergy efficiencye are seeking Workshop presenters in the following categories:

Gardening & General Horticulture:
Vegetable Gardening, Worm Farming, Mulching, Seed Saving, Plant propagation and similar areas…

Food, Preserving Methods & Cooking:
Cooking demonstrations, Preserving techniques, International cooking, Cooking for single people, Budget healthy meals…

Energy Saving & Energy Creation:
Home Solar & Wind, Energy Saving techniques, Solar ovens…

Permaculture & Homesteading:
Basic permaculture, Advanced Permaculture, Homesteading, Keeping Chickens, Backyard rabbit breeding, Aquaculture…

The examples given are for ideas only. But presenters in these specific areas are by all means invited to apply. Presenters paid in CENTs for each Workshop. CENT Rate will be a standard 25 CENT per hour.

Eric Smith
Phone: 0419 384 027
Email: transitionburnie [at]

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