To Do List

Be Prepared

As a member of and recognising the need for Transition does not mean we proclaim to have all the answers. It means we are prepared to ask questions and encourage resilient thinking.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own food does more than just provide food for your family.

Think Local

We can’t grow everything ourselves so buying locally grown food is the next best option. It supports the local economy, supports the farmers & growers, reduces food miles considerably – saving on fossil fuels, and gives you a better idea of how your food was grown.

Go Solar

Install solar where you can & when you upgrade your appliances choose energy efficient models.

Join Transition Burnie

Become a Member of Transition Burnie. Membership is Free and will give you the opportunity to meet regularly to discuss Transition and to develop direction and initiative for the Burnie Group.

Email Us: to receive updates.


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